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The Big Beaver ReTREEver in action
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The 81' Big Beaver® ReTREEver is a "GO" in Atlanta, GA NOW!

Well, perfecting the NEW REMOTE CONTROL Dieci unit took quite a bit longer than expected, but The Big Beaver® is now ready for live demo.  The Big Beaver® is now out of the prototype stage into a full national and international system.  How many lives will be saved by this revolutionary system of residential tree removal and disaster relief remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure...IT WILL SAVE LIVES!  

And saving lives is not all; the new Big Beaver® is so high tech with full remote control & patented function & safety features that the engineers say you can run it from your living room if you want to...well maybe that is a slight exaggeration but almost. About4 

$$$ The leaves on the trees are not the only green you, as an owner, will be seeing with the Big Beaver®; that's right! profits will soar as operating costs come down and production rises.   Chipping and chunking costs are reduced while income increases through valuable log sales.  If this isn't a WIN-WIN what is?

And customer satisfaction rises as you enjoy a major advantage over your local competition...Simply put you will be "The Biggest Show in Town".  Customers and their neighbors are amazed as they watch a tree  coming down slowly, quietly, and securely posing no danger to human life and protecting their home and landscape to the Max!   You will become known as
"that tree company with the amazing machine"

The Big Beaver® should not necessarily replace all of the current equipment or climbers in your present system but it could.  Through time, we have learned how to combine some "preping" techniques for vertical standing trees like pines, poplars, or gums that result in excelerated production.  {The Big Beaver® doesn't have to keep a climber out of a job, but it will keep him out of the emergency room...or the morgue!}    Pre-prepped trees are handled so FAST by this machine, it is almost scary.  However:  DO NOT BE AFRAID OF HIGHER PRODUCTION BECAUSE YOUR LIST OF NEW CUSTOMERS WILL INCREASE AND YOU WILL NEED IT!  So hang on to that bucket and climber if you like and we can show you how to remove so many trees in a day you will hardly believe it. 

Thank you to all who have been waiting patiently to buy a Big Beaver®. It will be worth the wait. Contact us for a live demo for pre-qualified buyers.